Buy now on eBay for 25% cashback

Christmas presents to be purchased? Budget a bit tight? Microsoft Live Search has a solution for all the parents out there being harassed for big ticket items by our kids. Why not save up to 25% right now?

I need an Xbox 360 for ankle-biter number one. What is the plan? I head on over to and search for “xbox 360,” where I see a bunch of search results. At the top I see “Xbox 360″ with the gold coin cashback icon and “Live Search cashback.” That’s what I’m after!

Image of Live Search cashback results for Xbox 360

Clicking the result takes me to to complete my purchase. But first I need to make sure I have a cashback account so I don’t miss out on my discount. If you’re not yet signed up, do so at Opening an account is very easy. Find out more here

This 25% cashback offer has a few conditions attached. Remember, this offer applies to Buy-It-Now offers on eBay, paid with a PayPal account, and a total of $200 rebate. The cashback $$ will be available for you to redeem 60 days after completing the purchase. By the way, this is offered in the U.S. only.

I know where I’ll be doing my shopping in the lead up to Christmas.

Kok Waii Wong, Group Product Manager, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    Just a question for anyone from msft search team:

    there is a new software package call Debug Assistant 3.5, we have just published on software download sites some two weeks ago. when you go to yahoo, search on "Debug Assistant 3.5", you get a lot results. but if you do the same thing on, you get just one or two. also, on our website (, we see spiders from yahoo visit our site almost everyday, but we can hardly see one from msft (there ip mapping database to match).  Just wondering, is it those software download sites not in your database or your spiders are lazy?

    We are a software developing company, we know a thing or two about how things work. our opinion, it’s not about the search, there isn’t much trick about that. it is just you don’t have enough data in your database, or you don’t go out to collect enough data from websites. Don’t understand why any website would not be in your database. you should have a full list a all possible websites in the world. and you should have been refreshing data sources from all of them at least once a  day. huge work eh, but that’s what make it great.

    Can anybody give me answer regarding what i said?



  2. Anonymous

    In the original post, after "conditions" it reads "and a total of $200 rebate".  Is that the maximum rebate?


    - Mark.

  3. Anonymous

    This deal has been going on for more then two months (since I have already gotten money back) and it is great for spending money that you might have spent anyway.

    Mark – $200 is the maximum per transaction not overall. Last I heard it was $2500 per year.

  4. Anonymous

    Unfortionately, eBay results don’t seem to show up in Live search very often. Is that because most eBay listings do not qualify for Live Cashback, is it intentional in order to keep Cashback payments to a minimum, or is it just because Live Search is….er….(dare I say it) a poor search engine when compaired to Google or Yahoo?

  5. Anonymous

    Here’s my question: why isn’t ebay listed in the store directory? That would make it easier to buy stuff and get the rebate.  

  6. Anonymous

    BEWARE OF EBAY & Paypal!!!  

    ebay FORCES it’s users to use the payment method ebay owns!!!  Paypal.

    Paypal’s new amendments allows Paypal, at it’s "sole discretion", to withhold users funds for 21-180 days!!!

    Read what they’re own members have experienced by doing an internet search of "Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO"

  7. Anonymous

    Nice offer. Any chance we might see this bumped up to 33% or 50%? After all, the holidays season is coming soon.

  8. Anonymous

    How long is this deal going to last?  Any word?

  9. Anonymous

    So, what’s the exact story with this?  What exact steps do I need to take to get this rebate?

    This is what I understand:

    1) Log in to Live Search

    2) Search for my thing

    3) Click on the eBay link on the sponsored links

    4) Choose something from the search results (Can I refine my "eBay search" from here?  Or search for something else?  Or is it tied to that specific list of results?)

    5) Buy it Now, paying through PayPal

    6) Wait for cashback

  10. Anonymous

    Are there any plans to offer the 25% cashback to


    If not, please explain why.

  11. Anonymous

    Why it is not succeed when I submit the orders in ebay? ebay cheat us! cashback does not work!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Kok Waii Wong is a interesting name… kok way long?

  13. Anonymous

    Excellent offer. I will try it!

  14. Anonymous

    does this work with ebay’s "make an offer"?

  15. Anonymous

    One assumes that if this works, it would have at least generated some interest over the last few weeks. Since it hasn’t, one assumes it doesn’t.

  16. Anonymous

    I have been trying to access my cashback account for a week and cant get to it as it times out. Anyone able to get into it lately? Thanks

  17. Anonymous

    Hi All,

    eBay is now offering 30% cashback. Check it out using the steps above.

    By the way, this is only valid for "Buy It Now".

  18. Anonymous

    It works perfectly here, Robert.

  19. Anonymous

    how long does it normally take to get the money back into your account or credited, cashback, rebate whatever it is?

  20. Anonymous

    how long does it normally take to get the money back into your account or credited, cashback, rebate whatever it is?

  21. Anonymous

    i’ve got my money back  for 2 purchases in about 7 days , PayPal notifies you about recieved cash back money

  22. Anonymous

    Looks like it’s down to 20 or 25% depending on the search.

  23. Anonymous

    Is it going to go back up to 25% or is it slowly decreasing till the end of this cashback promo?

  24. Anonymous

    Is it for US residents only? I’d like to buy a fork in the USA and compensate the import duty (Germany), would it work?

  25. Anonymous

    It’s down to 15%. It’s slowly being phased out according to Microsoft. It was good while it lasted.

  26. Anonymous

    I love ebay and live cashback, lol

    I received an Ebay email Dec 1 (cybermonday) and they were giving 30% live cashback plus a 10% (off price) ebay coupon. I bought a refurbished xbox 360 (60gb) (from respectable seller) for $250 less 10% coupon I paid $225. But the great thing is i also get the 30% cashback, and is 30% from selling price (without discounts) so $250-30%=$75 cashback.

    At the end i end up with a refurbished xbox 360 (which according to dozens of feedback is like new) for $150 (free shipping).

    Not a bad deal, Ty Ebay and Ty Microsoft

    PD. as i have learned when you register to a store site never check out the box that say "Do you want to receive special deals".

    PD. the only bad thing is that you have to wait 60 days to get your cashback. But it doesn’t matter i am getting it :D

  27. Anonymous

    I tried searching today and no coin next to Anyone else having luck today or is the offer over??

  28. Anonymous

    Maybe it comes up when you search for specific items and not others? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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