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We realize that often you just need to get a sense of what your query is about. Wikipedia is great for that — you can learn enough from the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article to start you out on the right path.

For Wikipedia results, we now show a good portion of the first paragraph and a few links from the table of contents. You can see more about the topic right there and see what else the article offers.

We hope you learn more, faster with our expanded Wikipedia descriptions. Let us know what you think.

Kemp Peterson, Program Manager, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    What about your own Encarta? What is going on with that team? Are they sleeping? Are they going to open up Encarta too? Or continue to make it full of advertisements and difficult to use and completely out of date and without any popularity for that matter. Wake up please! Modernize yourselves now, not tomorrow! What is the Encarta doing exactly? I am asking you what? What? What? Does it exist or forgotten. Encarta was a successful product. It seems because of the lack of industriousness on the part of its team, nobody know about Encarta. Don’t you agree? Why didn’t you make Encarta into Wikipedia? You had an encyclopedia in your hands and it sems that now it is totally forgotten. For years! No innovation. No better Encarta interface. Full of ads and the old MSN clumsy interface. Encarta = dead.

  2. Anonymous

    Hmm, I would just be careful here that you don’t bring on the same thrashing Google has been getting with the seemingly additional love being given to Wikipedia. Google gets the dirt thrown on them when it "seems" like they are giving the Wiki a leg up, but here you are flat out admitting it.

    Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to give Wikipedia the gold pass on being accurate. Steven Colbert has pretty effectively shown that Wikipedia is only as good as the ethics of the people with the most time on their hands.

    In any case, everyone knows that Tikal is Method Man’s first solo album and slang for pot.

  3. Anonymous

    This is great! Very awesome I love it :)

  4. Anonymous

    Please, please Live Search Team post something with respect to when you expect your relevancy to be half decent.  I am a Microsoft stockholder and am therefore very loyal to your products but it just seems you are so far out of the game.  At least give the shareholders some hope?  Or, is there no hope?  Is it not possible to build a search engine that is at least as relevant as Yahoo??

  5. Anonymous

    David, have you even used Live Search lately?  You really sound like you haven’t, the web search is at least as good as Yahoo’s is now (still not near Google though), and the image and video search blow Y’s and G’s away.

  6. Anonymous


    Users can determine better if they want to visit the page or not because more content is visible of the page.


    Users have to read more before they click on a link. The second downside is that the search engine determines what is more relevant or not, while wikipedia certainly not holds the truth. It holds in many cases wrong and coloured information, meaning that other pages might be more relevant, have more authority and should show up higher in the ranking.

    I am not sure what this does to the usability of the search results. It might be more text and slower scanning of the results.

  7. Anonymous

    Can we change the blue bar at the top of the search results to something less out of place. The gray one at looks better visually.

  8. Anonymous

    The Encarta comments on here have a lot of truth to them. I have been looking for a response from the Encarta team to Wikipedia’s widespread use on the Web.

    Encarta could easily be a free commercial alternative to Wikipedia with a simplified interface and text-based contents ads, since these are much less intrusive than display ads.

  9. Anonymous

    Great Idea !!!! Thanks for that, I use wikipedia a lot, and Im starting to use Live Search more often because its improving a lot and i wuld like to see more in the future  !!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I noticed the Wikipedia links lately as well. Pretty interesting. And while Wikipedia is 100% accurate all the times, it’s still a nice resource to pull some quick info.

    I also love the search query where you type "define [word]" and get a quick answer from Encarta Dictionary.

    I too wonder about the future of Encarta. I’ve always had dreams about how Encarta could move beyond being Microsoft’s encyclopedia, into an amazing education platform, but I guess the Encarta team is just going to go kaput one day. the latest Encarta Product really didn’t add anything much new in the 2008 version. And the Encarta team blog hasn’t been talking much at all since March. The Globe is still based on MapPoint for crying out loud. What about VE?

    I use the desktop version, and I’m not really impressed. It takes up a lot of space if you download it (I suggest people use it on the CD only), and I rarely ever use it. The only convenience for me, is the Dictionary. I like how it does sound pronunciations, verb conjugations, and all 4 languages, but it’s so limited. Everything is. Why doesn’t Encarta expand? The college prep stuff and articles are a joke. The site is rather dull, and other websites offer more coverage, topics, and other things that aren’t even in Encarta. So what’s MS going to do with Encarta?

    Sorry for the rant, but MS needs to get their priorities straight. The MSN Encarta site is dull and dead, and the product page feels like it was designed in pre-2000.

  11. Anonymous

    Good stuf, though, why don’t you use in priority the Encarta answer?

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