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You wanted it, and now you have it. We’ve incorporated RSS feeds into the browse and search results experience. Subscribe and stay up to date with stories from all categories or for specific searches that you perform. We appreciate all the feedback that you’ve given us. We take it all seriously and do our best to respond.

Try us out (, and keep the feedback coming!

The News Search team

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice to see that this was said on this blog by the commenters. I was amazed it was not there yet, but hey, its there! Good job.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s a great news:) I’ve been waiting for RSS feeds for a long time and there they are!

  3. Anonymous

    That’s a great news:) I’ve been waiting for RSS feeds for a long time and there they are!

  4. Anonymous

    I wish you could output more user friendly messages. I keep seeing "This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon."

    However I know that this is due to other reasons: browser(?), geo location(?), os(?)…

  5. Anonymous

    Nice feature for sure, but it should have been there from the beginning.

  6. Anonymous

    Great to see RSS in the news. Now what about adding RSS to retrieve only the "Live Search Answers" for a query?

  7. Anonymous

    You should place Add to Any’s "Subscribe" button alongside the actual RSS feeds to let people subscribe using any feed reader:

    I’d bet that a lot of people who read Live Search News have no idea what "RSS" is.  You should also use better terminology, like "feed" or "subscribe to this news feed".

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  9. Anonymous

    Great Feature !! Keep the good work up !

  10. Anonymous

    Can i use your feature? i am in China

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