Live for answers

We’re getting a ton of great feedback on Windows Live Search.  One of the most common requests is to build the instant answers already available on MSN Search.  We hear you and are working hard to get them all in.  In fact, we just recently launched our first batch – instant answers for news and local!


The news instant answer will appear on searches for topical news stories.  Keywords are identified algorithmically, updated every few minutes.  It’s impossible to predict which ones will work when you read this, but iraq and george bush are pretty safe bets.


We can also show the top local listings right on our web results page.  This is great when you are looking for a phone number or address of a local business.  You just need to type a category or business name along with a location (city, city/state or zip).  Try our instant answers to find an edison, nj dentist or seattle pizza places.


Looking for other kinds of instant answers?  Found a problem with one we already have?  Please send us your feedback.  We’re listening.



—-Jamie Buckley

PM, Instant Answer Team


Betsynote: Thanks to a comment on our Spaces blog, Jamie gave me a new URL for the above Instant Answers link that loads  better. Try it and let us know what you think.