Bing Maps & Internet Explorer 9 (Beta)

The Internet Explorer 9 beta has just been released and if you are as nosy as I am, you probably already downloaded it. Since IE9 has just been released, it can hardly be officially supported but it will work with the latest versions of the Bing Maps SDK’s. There is however an issue with the older version 6.2 of the AJAX SDK that will result in rendering problems of VEShape-objects (points, lines and polygons). This issue also affects some samples of the Interactive SDK. The workaround is to either switch IE9 to compatibility mode or better upgrade the Bing Maps AJAX control to version 6.3.

In order to do so just change the script reference from

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>


<script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

Please keep in mind that this still doesn’t mean it is officially supported. To find out about supported browsers for the AJAX control have a look at the SDK here.


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  1. hotels

    I am also looking forward to 1E9.

  2. b34nzzz

    I'm really lookin FWD to IE9

  3. andrejs.mamontovs

    Does not work well with the newer version. I have IE9 Beta(In compatibility mode works fine).

  4. pramilk

    @jason – try to use v6.3 control. with v6.2 + IE9 is known issue.

  5. cellhub

    Thanks Johannes, for providing this important Script. well some times facing the problems.

  6. IActionable

    The Map's Find function seems to be broken.

    map.Find('pizza', 'phoenix, az');

    This call no longer returns any results and zoom to the location on the map.

    Even the SDK example shows the same problem if you use the basic find.

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