Bing Maps and Hotmail come together

If you are using the web-client of Hotmail or Office Live you may already have discovered it: Hotmail integrates now with Bing Maps. When you create a new email, you can now insert various types of content from Bing, including Bing Maps:


When you select “Maps and Places” a task pane opens that allows you to add new locations or interact with a set of previously defined locations. By default you will find here the address that you entered in your Windows Live profile. If you add a new place you have the option to store it for later use in a Bing Maps Collection and quick pick it from the list as shown below.


Once you made a quick pick from the list or geocoded a new address you can optionally edit the details and then insert it into your email.


I think that’s a great idea. If only I could have that in Outlook too Smile




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  1. cellhub

    Well this is awesome feature maps with Hotmail.

  2. panatsein

    New knowledge.

  3. panatsein

    New knowledge.

  4. Hindi Movies Online

    It's great feature that bing maps and hotmail come together.

  5. bouka55

    Wow, thats a nifty feature, I'd yet to notice it in the revamped LiveMail!

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