New Bing Maps App: Piracy Watch

Piracy_0 Avast me heartys! Me scurvy dog Bing scalleywags ‘ave another app for ye! Okay, so Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t until September, but piracy is an international crisis that governments around the world are still dealing with everyday. And, since I’m a Microsoft guy I’m sure you’re thinking I’m talking about software piracy; but, I’m not. I’m talking about the real deal – dirty scoundrels capturing ships from seas around the world to pillage their booty. The Piracy Watch Map App illustrates international seafaring attacks by placing pushpins on the map showing where the attacks have taken place.


Users have the ability to click any of the pushpins to get more information about the respective incident – specifically, the date of the incident, the type of ship that was victimized, the aggressor, and a short description of the incident which includes the location of the incident. The left panel provides additional ways to sort the data – by date, victim type or aggressor type.

The application was built by our good friends at IDV Solutions who have a slew of additional information about piracy including an interactive heat map of pirate activities around the world. This Bing Map App leverages web services hosted in IDV’s Visual Fusion Server to pull data into the map which is quite the powerful solution and one I’ve blogged about in the past. In fact, Jerry Skaw blogged about IDV’s Pirate Tracking back in November and we’ve such moved the application into the Bing Maps App Gallery.

Ahoy! Go thar ye sprogs and see the swashbucklin’ app; or, I’ll have ya keelhauled…and, ye not be visitin’ Fiddlers Green after that.

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  1. Chris Pendleton

    Might've been a temporary error. It works for me right now.


  2. Alsace Web Agency

    the link on the map don't work, I have an error message:

    "Sorry, Bing Maps is having trouble doing what you want right now."


  3. givelord

    People taught that piracy belong to the past, but now it is becoming a worldwide issue. An international solution is the key solution.

  4. Chris Pendleton

    Can of worms and not the place to discuss. If you want to discuss the technology – awesome! If you want to discuss socio-economic differences and cultural stratifications, go post your pleas for change on a more relevant blog.


  5. bouka55

    nevinryal, I don't get your massege, are you saying that people shouldn't live their lives because it might hurt the pirate's feelings?

  6. nevinryal

    Last I checked, pirates hunt for treasure. Its a natural assumption don't you think? So when a group of people who suffer from lack of adequate educational/economical/more rational alternatives happens to look at a bunch of arrogant yahoo's in a Yacht of all things in clean clothes and eating food that hasn't been infested with god knows what it is possible certain thoughts begin to sink in. This "pirate" looks at his probably war torn rat-hole of an existence and figures "what the hell?" and suddenly the thought of "hell with it what do i have to lose?!" becomes very appealing.

    I guess the msg of the story is, be an ignorant *** and open a bottle of caviar and wash it down with champagne in the middle of group of poor hungry desperate people be prepared to get whats coming to you.

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