Bing Maps Platform Survey – Your Input Needed

bing-300x300 It’s survey time again, where you get the chance to provide direct feedback to the Product Management team to help make The Bing Maps Platform better. We want to hear what’s important to you so we can prioritize accordingly. You want a WPF control? How about multi-modal routing? Traffic in France (got that request today)? Let’s hear it. Fill out the survey below and see your vote count toward making The Bing Maps Platform everything you want it to be one feature at a time.

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  1. Blackpool UK

    Is there a new survey available missed this one.

  2. Chris Pendleton

    @seika – Yes, this is a platform survey and not a web site survey. Thanks.


  3. Seika

    Short question.

    Perhaps because this is the Bing Maps PLATFORM survey, the introduction question seems to reflect that this is geared to business/professional rather than end users. Because of that, I backed away (not developing anything with the platform, just needing a good online map).

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