State Farm Insurance Launches on Bing Maps

State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance today launched their new agent locator application on Bing Maps. The application visualizes the locations of their respective agents, not just by putting a branded “SF” icon on the map, but they also include the agent photos in the balloon over the pin. From the home page, simply put in a postal code in the “Find Agents Near You” box and you’ll get up to 20 results mapped out with a list of agents alongside the map. As you hover over an agent’s information in the list or on the map, the balloon will pop out with contact information and links for directions and emailing the agent. For some locations, there are multiple agents so hovering over the list will popup the agent information; however, hovering over the pin will tell you there are ‘X’ number of agents at the respective location and to zoom in – a nice touch. From the list you can visit the agent’s respective web sites where available.

 Bing Maps on State Farm

Pretty much what you would expect from a locator, but I just love looking at the pictures. It’s a nice touch to be able to see who I’m going to meet prior to actually getting there.

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