Eddie Bauer – Now on Bing Maps

Eddie Bauer is the latest brand to refresh their web site look by using Bing Maps for Enterprise. Directly from their home page, you can put in a postal code and get a map of the stores with a 50 mile radius of that postal code. You’ll notice a few customized touches when it comes to the results:






  • Custom pushpins to pinpoint the locations on the map.
  • Custom colors per pin type – green meaning retail location; orange meaning an outlet.
  • A popup for each location providing the store type, store name, address, phone number and lat/lon (in case you’re hiking there and using your GPS to get there).
  • A list below the map with store location information including hours (VERY HELPFUL!).
  • Also, notice the navigation bar. This is normally blue, but with the help of a little CSS hacking, *BOOM* it’s green!
  • You can refine your search by inputting a city/state or changing the search radius to 10, 25 or 100 miles.
  • By clicking the link in the list you’ll be taken to their Driving Directions page where you can input an address to get step directions and an overview map with the route drawn right on the map (all of this native to the map control).




A nice clean implementation of Bing Maps!



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