Happy Earth Day, 2008

It’s been a crazy travel schedule and I’m just now getting a chance to do some blogging (and not for long). NAB in Vegas was awesome – I had no idea how much cool stuff the media guys get to play with. Virtual Earth has been added to a lot of the editing software, so I’m expecting to see some cool broadcast, shows, movies, etc. using Virtual Earth.

So, it’s Earth Day and I figured I’d post something that combines it with Virtual Earth. Enter Sungevity.


The site allows you to pin point your house (in California right now) and request information about solar power. I tried my former town home in San Diego (Mission Valley). I’m waiting for the email now about information, but it’s apparently not automated so I guess I’ll have to post back more information later. Now, how’s that for a unique use of Virtual Earth on Earth Day?

You can read more about it on businessGreen.com.

Also, check out The Carbon Grove (sponsored by IE). You can also Go Green using our Walking Directions.


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