Find Money with Virtual Earth

Bank of America is the latest customer to adopt Virtual Earth for their retail locator application. Enter your street, city and state for the most accurate results or just put in a postal code. You can preselect the type of outlet you want – banking centers, ATMs or talking ATMs; as wel, you can specify if you want just results or a map with results. Results will be produced in distance order along with the address, distance to the branch (as the crow flies) and links to driving directions and hours and phone numbers, respectively. Hovering over an icon will give you detailed information including lobby and drive up hours. Thanks to our partners InfoNow for helping integrate Virtual Earth in the site!


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  1. Anonymous

    waiting  for  the  more  advanced products~~

  2. Anonymous

    It’s nice that they are using Virtual Earth to map out their locations, but…

    I do have some issues with it. Why not make it show you the nearest locations to where you’re searching (like it does, except show them all instead of only 5 per page), and then allow you to scroll around and dynamically plot them on the map when they come into view? This would be a much more intuitive interface.

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