Twitter chat with Bing’s Staffing team and get real time answers on jobs, the Bing culture, and tips on how to interview!

On Friday, March 30th at 10am/pst, the Bing Staffing team is having a twitter chat up! What is a twitter chat up you ask?  Twitter chats are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter to discuss pretty much anything that interests them, using a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation. This is a great opportunity to ask the Bing Staffing team any questions you have regarding job opportunities with Bing and the Online Services Division. Maybe you have always wanted to know things like … how much code do engineering candidates actually write during interviews? … or, what are our most popular benefits for employees ? Maybe you just want to know what positions are open with Bing. This is your chance to ask the Staffing team any recruiting or job related questions!

Here is the team who is behind the @bingjobs twitter handle for our twitter chat up: 

Eugenia Sawa -Microsoft Advertising Staffing Consultant:
Nicole Dresser – Bing Staffing Consultant:
Cammy Vasquez – UX Staffing Consultant:
Suman Akerman – Information Platform and Experience/MSN Staffing Consultant
Ashley Jenkins –  Global Foundation Services Staffing Consultant
Kay Kelison – International Talent Sourcer

Our twitter handle is: @bingjobs

Hashtag: #bingjobslive

We will also be doing a bit of Bing trivia at the end of our twitter chat up and giving away some fun prizes! So, be ready to ask questions, play trivia and learn about some job amazing opportunities with Bing!

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