Bing Jobs! Now seeking your input! By Matt

I’m going to generalize a little bit on behalf of my fellow teammates, but one of the reasons a lot of people get into technical recruiting is a passion for being NEAR technology. Many of us can do a passable job of communicating high level technical concepts, but very few of us know HOW to code at all.


A case in point: None of us here at BingJobs had any clue that the comments section of this very blog was broken/disabled/not working… Whatever the reason, suffice it to say the feature was not functioning the way we had intended… We want this to be an interactive forum and it’s kinda hard to do that if you don’t let your audience participate! So I invite implore you to join the conversation! As a heads up, you’ll need to be signed in into the Bing Community in order to comment.


Please let us know what we should be writing more/less of and when it comes time for us to interview you, please don’t hold our own technical shortcomings against us J

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  1. nietpiet


    I've actually found several research type jobs at Bing that are interesting for me. But, the website has an server error for 2 weeks now, and i can't apply!

    Is there a way that someone can contact me with regards to these jobs, so i can apply before they may be gone again.

    Hope you can help,

    Kind regards,


  2. paulll

    I'll be interviewing next week in at the Redmond location. What suggestions do you have about getting ready for the interviews?

    Thanks –


  3. JamieM


    Great question! Matt has been out of the office this week, so I'll help you.  I'll do a full blog post on it – look for it tomorrow.  In the meantime, there are a bunch of interview prep links on my spaces page:



  4. Anonymous

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  5. Tanmayi

    Conduct people searches instead of a job searches. The majority of jobs aren’t posted online. Most hiring managers get a list of employee referrals before they even bother to view resumes from recruiters who submit them.

  6. rajeevranjan2000

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  7. fark.yaratan

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