Voluntourism: Touring and Serving World by Kay

As employees at Microsoft, we take pride in our giving campaigns each year. As a parent and ms employee, I wanted to more than just give money, which is always nice and easier, but how is this teaching our children? So, my partner and I started to do some research in what we can start planning for the future of giving and I came across several sites which I mention below. Then as I continue to do my research I came across the word: Voluntourism and realized that  Voluntouring isn’t just for single and adventurous types anymore.  It’s for families, retirees or even empty nesters.  In fact, most families are finding this model to be the most invaluable gift for both sides. It’s recommended to try with tourist-friendly areas first. There are places to bring medical supplies, clothes, build homes, and feed the hunger.  It’s something I am thinking on doing when my boys get older, I believe introducing them to voluntourism will broaden their perspective and help see how much they can change our world, through giving and getting to explore our world. Check out Bing Travel for awesome flights and some awesome sites to begin your family adventure!




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