Destination Brazil: Bing Predicts, Schedules, Scores and More

On June 12th the ultimate soccer contest kicks off in Brazil.   It marks an amazing period where the world comes together to see which country has fielded the strongest team. To help you get the most out of the tournament, we’re rolling out a host of features on Bing.

Let’s take a look at what is rolling out:

Bing Predicts: Which Team Has the Best Chance of Winning?

On the heels of our recent foray into predictions, where we forecasted which contestants were most likely to get voted off or win The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, and American Idol, we are taking the experiment a step further applying it to the World Cup.  Starting today, if you search for “World Cup Predictions”, or any group matches (both preliminary as well as later in the single elimination rounds) we will display the chances of each respective team to win.

w cup image

For people who don’t regularly follow the status of the international soccer elite, we hope this will give them a quick and fun way to discern the strength of match-ups heading into the tournament.

How Did We Come Up with the Predictions?

The process of predicting outcomes of sporting events is unlike voting show predictions, as popularity and some sentiment signals do not play similar roles in determining who wins a contest.  Rather, the actions and performances of a handful of individuals solely determine who wins, loses, or ties.  For the tournament, our models evaluate the strength of each team through a variety of factors such as previous win/loss/tie record in qualification matches and other international competitions and margin of victory in these contests, adjusted for location since home field advantage is a known bias.  Further adjustments are made related to other factors which give one team advantages over another, such as home field (for Brazil) or proximity (South American teams), playing surface (hybrid grass), game-time weather conditions, and other such factors.  In addition, data obtained from prediction markets allows us to tune the win/lose/tie probabilities due to the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ phenomenon captured by the people wagering on the outcomes. You can read more about the model on the Next Blog here.

Schedules and Scores

Curious to know when your team is playing?  Looking to find out who won a match? We have fine-tuned our index to provide you with schedules and scores directly in the search results.   Search for “World Cup Schedule” or “World Cup Scores” and we’ll serve up a tabbed interface at the top of the page.

scores and schedules

Brush Up on the Players and Teams

While you’re watching the games, you can get up to speed on the players with through Snapshot which displays glance-able information on thousands of global players and teams.  From how much they earn to who they are romantically linked to, you get smart on global players in a few short keystrokes.

World Cup News

To give you one place to keep up to date on everything happening with the tournament, we are launching a dedicated news experience on Bing.  The site includes the latest news, social updates from teams and players as well as easy to navigate brackets and schedules.


Stay tuned for more from us in the coming days and if you want some additional context on the tournament along with beautiful visuals visit and see what our friends at Internet Explorer have put together.

As always, may the best team win.

–          The Bing Team